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  • Patricio Dalgo 

    Sound Drifts (Derivas Sonoras):  Patricio will offer open workshops involving the local community, especially children and teenagers, proposing playful interactions including field recordings, storytelling and the creation of instruments made out of waste materials. This repertoire of ‘non-tempered’ sounds produced by experimental instruments should then be translated into the larger environmental scale, using larger landscapes for alternating silence and noise, and resulting in audibly interaction with the geography.” Jury text


    “(..) Derivas sonoras, by Patricio Dalgo Toledo, carried out several open collective workshops, field recordings and the creation of sound instruments, made from native materials – for instance, bamboo canes. One of the main challenges faced by this project was that of generating processes with the local people. Which new elements –and coming from which concrete practices, could be revealed for the person who lives in a specific sound scape? Could some form of new knowledge emerge for the ones who, we believe, are more accustomed to that environment than the newcomers? However, the apparent simplicity of a microphone was enough for other habitants of the place to tell their stories: strictly speaking, none of them have ever heard the surprising sound made by bitu 2.

    Listening to a territory often involves dealing with disorientation, with moments of bewilderment and with the revelation of time as an indispensable factor from which to learn how to inhabit a place –just like the dancer who rehearses until he or she memorizes with all of his or her body (..) ”

    text fragment “Listening processes at rural.scapes #labRes2016_2
    by Mariela Cantú – critic in residence.