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    displacements – mobility – exchange network – connections – residue – dialogue between new realities of cultural artistic production – intercession between different spaces – construction of spaces between the interactors – design of new economic models and social innovation – renewal of the city-countryside bonds – collaborative projects – cooperation – new rural and urban perspectives – alternative crops – open-source seeds – DIY (do-it-yourself) – recovery of forest food resources – laboratory – exchange – research – work production at Paraíba Valley, Tropeiros Road.

    rural scapes – lab in residence is a rural residence program that focuses on research, articulation, reflection and transdisciplinary artistic practices and critical production in the rural environment.

    rural.scapes – lab in residence works as an interface among regional, state, national and international networks and focuses on the revaluation of the countryside environment through a review of our notions of individual and collective identity in terms of territory. These actions stimulate the development of projects that promote new productive networks and alternative micro-economies, making the region more self-sustaining and fostering new creative dialogues between city and countryside.