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    3G@ 2015
    rural interMedia,
    eletro-mechanics and integrated circuits
    in network [on~off]

    rural.scapes – Lab in Residency is a rural residency program focused on research, articulation, reflection, interdisciplinary artistic practices and critic production in a productive rural environment.

    Since its first edition in 2014, the rural.scapes – Lab in Residency program offers Local Rural Environment as a key element for research and creation, fostering dialogues and stimulating the creation of approaches, interventions, space for shared practices and possible transits, connections, ruptures and integrations within this specific territory. The program reckons Lab in Residency itself as an intervention with local implications. It also considers the regional social dynamics and the natural resources as a key legacy in the constitution of three Brazilian States (São Paulo, Minas Gerais and Rio de Janeiro), indicating a historical context that plays an important role in the development of the identity and way of life of the Brazilian southeast.

    rural.scapes – Lab in Residency 3G@ 2015 is focused on the development of projects related to research and creation of artwork and interventions through ‘Rural InterMedia’, defined as the use and knowledge of existing technologies in the rural environment, traditionally based in the DIY culture (Do It Yourself), even though not named this way locally. However, unlike DIY, the transmission of these practices and the exchange of knowledge becomes a negotiable value in the rural context, as they condition and design the local social and environmental dynamics.

    In this context, rural.scapes – Lab in Residency program will select projects of different technological supports, analogical and/or digital, where technique, art and handicraft build essays out of their relationship with ‘technology’, here considered as the general technical and scientific knowledge.

    The program will accept proposals based on the idea of transforming the use of local (electro-mechanic) tools, processes, materials and/or infrastructures (integrated circuits), creating connections between local and global (on-line/ off line network) contexts, considering the specific territory of the residency as base for their development.