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  • jury members #labRes2016_2: Jens_Hauser, Malu_Fragoso, Marie_Ange_Bordas, Rachel_Rosalen and Rafael_Marchetti


    In the fourth edition of the rural.scapes – lab in residence, the jury composed of Jens Hauser (Germany), Malu Fragoso (Brazil), Marie Ange Bordas (Brazil) and the project founders, Rachel Rosalen (Brazil) and Rafael Marchetti (Argentina), met at Santa Teresa Farm to examine the projects received through the open call #labRes2016_2 > Place <.

    Jens Hauser (Germany) -< interview #labRes2016_2

    Malu Fragoso (Brazil), -< interview #labRes2016_2

    Marie Ange Bordas (Brazil)  -< interview #labRes2016_2